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Product Manager, HMHS

Identifying market opportunities, carrying user research and competitive analysis, Pioneered an anchor medical product with $58 million potential revenue, currently..<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/product-manager-hmhs/">Read More</a>
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Product Owner, HMHS

Provided leadership for Products serving 1 million people on Highmark’s enterprise platform enabling continuous advancement.  Conceptualized and validated Persona based..<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/product-owner-hmhs/">Read More</a>
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Consultant, HMHS

In a true Organizational role, worked on multiple products that gave me broad exposure to Highmark and its partners.  Presided..<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/consultant-hmhs/">Read More</a>
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Product Intern, HMHS

Empathizing with Product teams pain points, introduced new applications and established processes, becoming most liked intern.  Prioritizing pain points, conducted..<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/product-intern-hmhs/">Read More</a>
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Co-Founder, Playyoursport

Playyoursport – one stop sports solution for finding sports partners, playgrounds, and coaches across a network of 50+ top facilities...<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/co-founder-playyoursport/">Read More</a>
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Sr. Product Manager, BHEL

Created comprehensive product vision and strategy, led the development of 2 new product offerings and 30+ features upgrade from soup..<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/sr-product-manager-bhel/">Read More</a>
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Co-Founder, Lovnlike

Co-founded Lovnlike, an online platform for validating ads likability, with the vision of enabling ad viewing a fun experience.  Established..<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/co-founder-lovnlike/">Read More</a>
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Technical Program Manager, BHEL

Translated business goals to technical solutions through design thinking, customer engagement and strategic planning. Delineated success metrics and features prioritization,..<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/technical-program-manager-bhel/">Read More</a>
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Project Manager, BHEL

Responsible for P&L, scope, and full project management duties for strategic projects. With a close partnership with engineering, vendor, legal..<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/project-manager-bhel/">Read More</a>
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Software Engineer, BHEL

Coded software applications for clients. Using reliability matrices, redone 5 modules, loosely coupling them in software. Copyrighted battery sizing process..<a class="read_more ctl_read_more" href="https://arora-ankur.com/cool_timeline/software-engineer-bhel/">Read More</a>
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Multifaceted hands-on Product Leader with 10+ years’ experience in product management and engineering roles in SaaS and analytics domain. Co-founded two seed-funded marketplace startups, building and scaling products from soup to nuts; Currently leading a Product team at HMHS, interested in Product opportunities.